The Legacy

House of Hind by Hind Sadi Centre
First established on August, 1950, Hind Sadi Centre began as an enterprising  venture by first generation entrepreneur Shree Dahyabhai Mansukh Shah started with humble beginnings at Pune’s business and capital Laxmi Road Pune which soon got trusted by the entire city grew to become one of the landmark and most-sought-after place for ethnic Indian sarees. Dahyabhai Shah through his exceptional business acumen and unwavering commitment to securing customer loyalty, grew this business scaling up to create 2 signature multi-level stores that occupy pride of place in Laxmi Road today.
The name Hind, derived from Hindustan is a tribute to our glorious nation and an attempt to showcase its rich culture and heritage through its national dress-the Saree.
A name renowned for its extensive range of sarees, sourced from all over India, Hind Sadi Centre had been at the helm of dressing up millions of women including home-makes, bureaucrats, socialites, celebrities, businesswomen, politicians right up to India’s first women president.
A nonagenarian yet active Dahyalal Bhai, fondly known as ‘Dadu’ is an inspiration and a role model for his family, friends and the business community in Pune. He has been taking the lead in giving back to the society and through his trust, has created several community care initiatives like the Pune Hospital, supported mass marriages of people from the economically weaker sections of the society and pioneered the cause of education.
House of Hind - the digital platform of Hind Sadi Centre, aims to spread the legacy across India and the world through e-commerce portal that is poised to become the one-stop-shop for the best in women’s ethnic wear.

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