We understand how close a silk saree can be to your heart as some of the most precious memories are attached to it. The right care of it can help you preserve it for generations and create a legacy. It can be a difficult process but not impossible. We have curated some dos and don’ts to take care of your favorite collection:


  • Store the saree in a light cotton muslin cloth. This will give the saree breathing space and prevent one saree from sticking to another when kept in a pile. Also, don’t keep multiple sarees in one packet together.
  • Put a cloth in middle before ironing your silk saree so you don’t directly iron on the surface to avoid damage to Zari. Do not steam iron or wet the fabric before ironing.
  • Fold the saree in different styles/directions every time to avoid permanent creases in one place which will eventually break the zari strands.

  • Don’t wear a silk saree at any event where the usage of water is involved. For instance; Haldi functions, pool parties, rainy season, and others.
  • Don’t keep the saree bundled up as this will result in the threads of the embroidery work getting entangled.
  • Don’t directly fold and keep it after using it, leave it open for a couple of hours to avoid fungus caused because of trapped moisture. The fungus can ruin the color of the saree by leaving dull patches all over.
  • Don’t wash, always dry clean. If the saree is wet, do not put it in direct sunlight. Hang it on the hanger and cover it with a thin cloth to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use metal or any other type of hanger which might leave a mark on the saree.
  • Don’t store the saree in a plastic cover as this will cause the gold embroidery to turn black.
  • For more tips on saree care please keep coming back to this page

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